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Daystar OCHO

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In this animated web series, Daystar and Ocho are gifted teens with the power to manipulate time when they are around each other. Together, Daystar and Ocho work to fight crime and dismantle corruption as they navigate life with these new powers as teenagers. This web series is aimed toward teens and young adults.

The show is centered around two characters Daystar & OCHO, two teenage superheroes.


 A typical episode shows them learning how to use their new superhero powers while also navigating life as teenagers.


This scene shows typical interaction between Daystar and OCHO. 

Daystar and Ocho Argue

Daystar and OCHO are cousins who grew up in very different environments, because of that their personalities are very different.

Mayor Torres

Mayor Torres is the mayor but is also a part snake. He is part of an organization that poisoned children from low-income families as government testing.


Ocho and his friends are ripped off by club promoter, Luis and threatened. This is made even worse when Daystar attempts to help by stepping in to protect his cousin but makes things worse by threatening Luis,  making him upset and eventually shooting at him.


Time freezes before the bullet can hit Ocho, then a bright light explodes and Daystar and Ocho wake up in a dark room. Daystar and Ocho meet Kembe who tries to explain the powers.

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